Our portfolio strategy seeks to balance our financial commitments between:

1- Growth capital operations relating to profitable companies, SMEs and SMIs well established in their territory but requiring additional capital and strategic support for growth in the long term, for example through the international distribution of their products and expansion of their business.

As far as  Growth Capital is concerned, our investment allocation ranges from 10M€ to 20M€ (13MUSD to 26MUSD). Given our evergreen structure, we have the capacity to increase the committed amount over the life of our investment.

2- Venture capital transactions referring to companies rapidly developing and must still deploy capital to achieve break-even cash flows. These companies have typically made a first "proof of concept" on a key application, and enjoy Mérieux Developpement’s support for more complete product/technology validation, and commercialization.

Regarding Venture Capital, we invest an average 5M€ to 10M€ (6MUSD to 13MUSD) per company, but this can vary, depending on sector and specific company needs.

We typically lead or co-lead all of our investments and take an active role from the time of our initial participation, including at Board of Directors and strategic committee level.


 Segments of Investment (percentage of invested money)                                Geographic repartition of Investments

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