Investment strategy

We build on success of Institut Mérieux, a world-renowned family holding with a strong entrepreneurial culture. Our long-term investment horizon allows us to emphasize value creation rather than succumb to pressure of time on any prospective exit.

We have 3 principles that guide our investments:

  • Invest in people first. We look for exceptional teams with great integrity, passion and shared vision about what business model to build or expand.
  • Back differentiated products and services capable of addressing poorly served clinical needs with the potential to generate substantial revenues in attractive segments of the healthcare market.
  • Bring added-value to support great companies globally. We must be convinced that our distinctive experience, sector insights and international relationships can materially help entrepreneurs succeed.

We are primarily interested in small / mid-size companies at different stages of development, located in Europe, North America, Israel, China and Middle-East.

More details are available in the "Investments" section.