Added Value

The Mérieux Développement team provides expertise to portfolio companies, based on a network of long-established relationships based in North America, Europe and Asia.

Mérieux Développement plays an active role as a minority shareholder by typically helping entrepreneurs prepare strategic decisions relating to their R&D pipeline, the commercial positioning of key products and the expansion of their business model, through organic growth at international level or acquisitions.  Besides strategic engagement at the Board of Directors’ level, Mérieux Développement can also provide privileged access to its bio-industrial network, in the following areas :

  • Guiding new product development and registration strategy
  • Conducting acquisitions and securing industrial / commercial partnerships
  • Managing Intellectual Property
  • Setting-up of subsidiaries in established markets or emerging countries
  • Recruitment of senior staff

An active network of regional partners helps us identify specific business opportunities but also plays a significant role in providing insights and support to portfolio companies in Germany, Northern Europe, UK and China.