Invest in tomorrow's medicine

Mérieux Développement is an evergreen fund specialized in the healthcare and nutrition sectors. We work alongside entrepreneurs and companies with ambitious growth plan at international level, offering them privileged access to our industry expertise and global network.

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Four investment areas

Within the four target investment areas, Mérieux Développement selects companies whose project is a real challenge for health and nutrition and finances the development or marketing of products and services with high added value.

In vitro Diagnostics and Life science tools

Molecular diagnostics, Point of Care / Rapid Tests, Sample preparation, Clinical and industrial microbiology, Clinically-validated biomarkers,  Management & Data analysis.

Medical Devices

Imaging platforms and agents, Minimally invasive surgical and interventional devices, Ophtalmologic products, Biomaterials, Patient management software.

Patient management services

Management of home care, Specialized care for chronic and genetic diseases, Remote patient monitoring

Pharma, prévention & nutrition

Anti-infective agents, vaccines and tools, Nutrigenic services, Clinically validated nutraceuticals.

What entrepreneurs say

  • "We found Mérieux Développement staff to be actively involved in strategic decisions but also respectful of our management. Besides the level of attention they put in the quality of our relationship, their support to our global business expansion is real. "
    Eric MOTTAY
  • "Using their insight and intelligence, Merieux Développement provides more than just critical funding for companies within their portfolio -- they guide in strategic positioning and share development and commercialization experience to help ensure the success of their portfolio companies. They anticipate future industry developments and facilitate the pathway for companies to achieve their objectives. Partnering with Merieux brings bright minds together to drive the future of healthcare."
    Emily LEPROUST
    Twist Bioscience
  • "I am very pleased and proud to welcome Alexandre Mérieux onto the Ceva Board. He represents a great family with long history of industrial expertise and long term vision who have always believed that animal and human health should be managed all together."
  • "We are thrilled by the opportunity of working together with Mérieux Développement, whose industrial experience and global healthcare network will be extremely valuable in helping us to achieve our goal of becoming a market leader in the OSA device segment."
  • "We warmly welcome Merieux Developpement to our multinational syndicate of valued investors, With well-earned reputations for deep diligence and a commitment to their portfolio companies, we couldn't ask for better partners for this next exciting stage of our company's evolution. "
    David VAN METER
  • "“I very much appreciate the insights and connections which Mérieux Développement has brought to us over the last few months.”"
    Paul EDICK
    Xeris Pharmaceuticals
  • "The very promising clinical results generated with the Simeox™ solution in the last two years naturally lead us to expand internationally for further clinical investigation and commercial development. Our goal is to make PhysioAssist the international market standard for the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases. With this ambition in mind, the selection of our strong financial partners is a key success factor. We are pleased and proud to have Mérieux Développement and Turenne Capital as new shareholders. "
    Adrien MITHALAL
  • "The Natural Health market is estimated at 11 billion €uros and currently represents more than 200 companies in Europe. Our decision to partner with Mérieux Développement, as a new reference shareholder of Ineldea Laboratories, is clearly in line with our desire to boost our presencein this fast growing market, through organic growth and acquisition. We are delighted that Mérieux Développement, a renowned and investor with strong expertise in our sector, supports us to get to the next stage of our company journey."
    Nicolas CAPPELAERE
  • "We are thrilled to welcome Mérieux Développement as new shareholder, we share the same values and commitment to high ethical standard, global sustainability and long-term vision. This financing is quite in line with our corporate strategy and will help strengthen Biobest’s market position in the Biological Control market, where we see tremendous growth potential. Gaëtan Waucquez, Chairman of the board Biobest Group SA."
    Jean-Marc Vandoorne

Our investments

Since 2010, Mérieux Développement has invested in 21 companies, ranging from start-ups to profitable established companies within the healthcare space.

(Mutzig, FRANCE)
(Pessac, FRANCE)
(Westerlo, Belgium)
(Saint Priest, FRANCE)
(Libourne, FRANCE)
(Inglewood, USA)
(Carros, FRANCE)
(Boulder, USA)
(Irvine, USA)
(Campbell, USA )
(Rishon Le Zion, ISRAEL)
(Venissieux, FRANCE)
(Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG)
(Vertou, FRANCE)
(Lyon, FRANCE)
(Rockville, USA)
(Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE)
(Cambridge, USA)
(Pleasenton, USA)
(Saint-Marcellin, FRANCE)
(Aix en Provence, FRANCE)
(San Francisco, USA )
(Austin, USA)